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5 gallon - Mega MixtM High-Speed Multi Can automatic Paint Shaker Model S2700 



  • Heavy duty mixing capacity - up to 110 lb. (50 kg) accommodates all can shapes and sizes from half-pint to 5-gallon cans, will also accept 1-gallon cases 
  • Electronics - state-of-the-art innovative linear drive pressure plate design. electronic pressure sensing with CPU based control board 
  • Simple to operate control panel - two push buttons and a timer control the machine 
  • Emergency Stop - Cuts power to motor immediately 
  • Automatic - Simply push the start button and the S2700 will clamp, run, release, reset, and open the door 
  • Clear door for visual inspection 
  • Door Sensor - Mixer will not operate until the door is closed. the door cannot be opened during operation 
  • Easy to load - Slide payload from the shelf on to stainless steel tray 
  • Equipped with wheels for easy installation 
  • Quiet - Sound panels absorb noise 
  • Quick mixing - reciprocating elliptical motion blends paint thoroughly 
  • Heavy-duty Motor - rugged, reliable, totally enclosed and fan cooled 
  • Maximum load dimension: 16"H x 15"W x 14.5"D 


SPECIFICATIONS S2700 - DIMENSIONS 61" H x 27" W x 24" D - Shipping 640 lbs 70? H x 34? W x 34? D - Motor 3/4 hp 115 volt / 60 Hz or 230 volt / 50 Hz

HERO - S2700 Platform Shaker **ONE YEAR PARTS WARRANTY**

$3,650.00 Regular Price
$3,000.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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